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Track Name: We Were Liars

Cause we were liars
Every word I ever spoke
Was the fire
And the grapevine where it grows

And we were tired
Like a lie between the wars
When you’re not sure
What it is you’re fighting for

But those days were gold
I feel it roll like the waves
Fairs enough, Hands aloft
Hearts will break

And we’re so sure
What it is we really want
That we get hurt
Or we hurt the ones we love

And no moment
Will never steal your breath
When you hope for
For the one that always will

Oh and they’re breaking now
Oh baby hold me down
Track Name: Where the Good Girls Don't Go
On the run
In your eyes
Rolling stoned
And you lie
Say hello
For goodbye
Where the good girls don’t go

I for one
Never fall in love
If it hurts to much
Run and hide

Tear yourself
From that wishing well
If you want to melt
Let it die

Don’t believe
Save your speech
Let me be

Cause I for one
Never felt the love
I just burned it up
Up inside

Never hung for long
If you hold it close
Let it die
Track Name: Heady Sinking Stones
Gonna cross you heart
And swear you lied
Like the microphones’
An alibi
Heady sinking stones
They don’t last for long

On the cobblestone the sweepers swept
And the lovers swoon a summer spent
Getting over you
Like I wanted to

So hold on till the bow breaks
The waves come and take your shore
So hold on till the drugs take
Everything you want and more

With the shaky hand your minds a race
Gonna find something to take its place
Heard you swear it true
But you never do

You said that we were almost free
Just sedated right until we dream
Of the kids we were
Now were not so sure