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Track Name: Piss Thunder Bleed Lightning
She getting high in back
by the speakers
she's leaving here
tonight with the band
she going low
likes there's no tomorrow
ain't been inside
you don't understand

To get on that thing
a right and a privilege
to break that one offs
a god given high
you got some dirty
seas that need parting
I got some ships that
sail in the night

im want fire
you take me higher
you leave me lost

and I want it
like you want it
a place to fall

best pound for
pound and still coming heavy
you boys are dwarfs
at moving snow white
this ain't new york
damn sure ain't cali
say what you want
can't fuck with the chi

I work the strat
like they work the Mossberg
quick on the action
slow on the draw
she got the bass
and I got the back beat
put us together
we good as gone
Track Name: Melt That Way
Melt That Way

Got an all night feeling
we melt that way
you send me reeling
and whose to say

That we might not make it
well be torn apart
I can feel it beating
heart to heart

When the winter comes
you're still my little hurricane
taping on my window
like the summer rain
till were resting easy
in the arms above
we'll figure out the finer points
of this dark horse love

There's a red light burning
outside our door
but I don't think I
could want you more

Its a sweet surrender
a cruel escape
you send me spinning
to melt away
Track Name: Only Good At Leaving
Only Good At Leaving

Gonna buy an old car
paint it blue or black
gonna break the rear view
to hell with looking back
don't know what they told you
or what you came for
but I'm only good at leaving
not at letting go

and on some lonesome highway
playing some lonely songs
after all the sane ones
have come and gone

all you god damn good girls
are the hardest to leave
but if my hearts not in it
what could you get from me?

Wrapped around a finger
that's wrapped around a gun
fair's my favorite curse word
easy with the gloves
don't know what they told you
but truth ain't good or bad
you can't let go of
what you never had
Track Name: Someone's Side of Forever
Someones Side of Forever

Going south baby
I ain't stopping till the coast tonight
Like a storm chaser
I live to watch the lighting strike
We could play it careful
I think you know I'd rather fold
they're all angels coming
and devils when you let them go

but you were like my favorite one
Live to watch you come undone
dancing in the fading light
on someones side of forever I

I'm the dive bar neon
if its all the same to you I shine
Like a punched out boxer
who swears he's still in his prime
Love my dark horses
I'ma bet it right across the board
A single engine pilot
I'll get it right or die alone

but you were like my saving grace
my ticket right out of this place
the hope fight that I thought was gone
I've been waiting here for far too long

all these revelations
I hear your voice
stay with me on someones side

all these revelations
I hear your voice
you don't have a choice do I?
Track Name: Back of a Crown Vic
Back of a Crown Vic

Thinking I need you
thinking I miss you
thinking I want more

Thinking I'll make you
thinking I'll take you
here on this damn floor

Got it so easy
got it believe me
getting whats been gone

Sucker punch the blind
with seven kinds of light

We're on
like we never were off
we're gone
like we'll never get off
we're lost
on a road that don't end
in a crown making love
with the sirens and the cuffs

Thinking I want that
thinking you'll be back
thinking it feels right

Thinking I'll make you
thinking I'll take you
here in the daylight

Got it so easy
got it believe me
getting whats been gone

Hearts aren't made of stone
but I crush em both
Track Name: All The King's Ghosts
All The King's Ghosts

All I really want
is you
Come on see me on

Fighting for this peace
my dove with claws
you and me are going higher love
till the morning breaks
you'll be my saving grace

Save your wasted breath
I don't hear no
cause you and me
are going higher love
back under the load
man fuck your masquerade

It's all in the way
you break those hearts
you can't love the light
just to spite the dark
hold me steady tonight
like they're at the door
don't go gentle away
no not at all

The jester and the king
both love the queen
but there's a right way to do these things
stand up cause we don't love your lies
at all

Breaking storefront windows
in our minds
a revolution just the quiet kind
take back your mind
find somewhere to start

Don't let the days
pass you buy
you can't pick the truth
just to spite the lies
a march to the end
or kingdom come
don't go gentle away
no not at all
Track Name: Pass the Novocaine
Lay on me like ocean on the sky
I taste the hunger, doubt the lace and wine
the neon candlelight the falling snow
the sweet surrender when you fight for love

So darling pass the novocaine
I'm bleeding into you
past every horizon line
the morning breaks in June

I'll want you until I die
and then I'll want your ghost
the two rings we wear tonight
are made of more than gold

The sirens strap me to the mast and call
one last time lets touch what never was
fought the ether your forever’s mine
we''ll dance on the graves of loss and time
Track Name: Gibson and a Cadillac
Gibson and a Cadillac

We were born reckless
we were born fighters
we could take the highs
and lows

Waiting till Friday
if you're looking my way
honey better let me know

Cause we go full throttle
married to a bottle
captain when the ships goes down

get another round

Like a rolling stone
we ride tonight
to the kick drum low
the six string high
got a Gibson and a
and I'm never coming back

We were born crazy
tired of the maybe
all the hands at ten and two

Want to shock the system
show you what your missing
once you ditch that old fool

Cause I could all night
first thing at daylight
like you never felt before

gonna give you more
Track Name: From The Gallows Home
From The Gallows Home

When that ax falls baby
we'll be running free and wild
when they read your charge
I'm already by your side

Just like the Mississippi
wild and from the north
don't I know your name?

Drinking grain belt
down at the corner bar
some things they don't change

Love the way your hands fits
right into mine
love the things you do

If I'm not yours
than I'm no ones at all
call me tried and true

From the gallows
home she rides
my little outlaw

From the gallows
home she ride
with a love song

Love those stars
up in your sky
but they're lying

Cause they look like
the brightest when
when their dying

Just like the Rio Grande
wild and from the west
don't I know your type?

Drink all day
and you're always the last to talk
first to step outside

Like my bass drum
like a great northern freight
stomping thunder roll

About to rock
than its always here’s to you
to uptight go home
Track Name: Long Enough to Die Free
Long Enough to Die Free

Oh I'm bleeding light love
sick and tired of
here's the thing

Time's on no ones side
tonight we fight
for everything

Loving you is like
riding right across the storm
Take my hand and
we'll lose them all
Every demon every fear
that hunts us right
Sorrow don't stand a chance
when you're by my side

Oh my fists
and my gun
my right and my wrong
are all I need

Time's on no ones side
tonight we fight
for everything

you can die old
or you can die free
Track Name: Other Words for Free
Other Words for Free

Just take a deep breath
and hand me my gun
tonight we're just fine
tomorrow won't come

The panic don't ask
the fever don't lie
every marked man
we'll tell you he's fine

Other words for free
they mostly mean gone
sorry ever after
taking its toll

Just take a deep breath
and read me rights
tip the ax swinger
to make it fall right

Back against all my walls
the judge and jury lied
I learned never listen
wheres my witness alibi

Storms we set in motion
words that still draw blood
far from the spotlight
and unrequited love

It's love that we hate
and lust that we love
its whiskey we drink
and vodka we don't

The north is still wild
and made me this man
but stay bullets kill
like ones that you planned

No good fighter
punches for free
like every bombshell
wants everything

If heavens a bar
shes sitting upstairs
waiting all night
to mess up my hair