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Track Name: Stormchaser
Storms Rage In Your Eyes

Come on baby I'm ready
you keep rocking me steady
I watch the storms rage in your eyes

Now I'm lost in the motion
but you can't blame the ocean
when it comes crashing on the side

Funny how it still feels just like home
I'm going with you both sides of the coin
you leave me breathless honestly

Every song I sing is for you girl
every time you knock you rock my world
pinup on the plane that bombed em all
I don't care what you say just say its so

I shiver and I shake I'm on and on
don't think I can wait that long that long
racing up the stairs to lock the door
you be everything I need and more

I'm not so sure what were proving
but every time that your moving
its everything that’s oh so right

So enough hesitation
no one wins while their waiting
throw it down and let it ride

Your the reason why they made that dress
turning all those head I must confess
can't believe you choose me
Track Name: Across The Lights
Across the Lights

She turns like the big wheel
the Memphis rain
gonna play the sweetest blues tonight

Goodnight Chicago
tired of this game
get in the car and drive

Don't stop for Vegas
to mend my heart
I need the ocean tonight

It’s hard to dream
hard to dream now
since you been gone

It's hard to set it
its hard to set it

Staring out into the bay
I think I see your face

Somewhere across the lights

Up in the canyon
its whiskey doubles
the old timers ramble on

About the good days
the neon glory
but L.A. will steal your soul

Staring at some girl
across this dive bar
wishing that you'd come home